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Part 4: Cloud Computing – A Complex Ecosystem?

Appirio_logoThanks to the team at Appirio, we have yet another view of the cloud ecosystem, here. It’s an interesting categorization of companies into the following groups:

Cloud Matrix

  1. Cloud Applications (Multi-Tenant + Single-Instance)
  2. Cloud Platforms (Multi-Tenant + Single-Instance)
  3. Cloud Infrastructure (Multi-Tenant + Single-Instance)
  4. Hosted Applications (Single-Tenant or Multi-Instance)
  5. Hosted Platforms (Single-Tenant or Multi-Instance)
  6. Hosted Infrastructure (Single-Tenant or Multi-Instance)
  7. Private Cloud Applications (On-Premise + Virtualized)
  8. Private Cloud Platforms (On-Premise + Virtualized)
  9. Private Cloud Infrastructure (On-Premise + Virtualized)

Here is a quick highlight of the Appirio matrix. You’ll need to view in “full-screen” mode (“FS”).

Appirio Ecosystem


I believe Troy Angrignon assisted in the creation of this, and contributes to the updates.

Other ecosystem perspectives:

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  1. Troy Angrignon says

    Hi Jim, love the gallery! As you have seen, it’s nearly impossible to represent this much data without trying all sorts of visual tricks.

    indeed, I did the majority data collection and research and interviews, and my colleagues at Appirio also provided companies but more importantly as a team we really worked hard to resolve the issue of private clouds. Big credit to Ryan Nichols, VP Cloud Strategy at Appirio for his pivotal thinking on how to integrate in the private clouds (and remove a lot of the data that I had in prior versions) so that it could truly be a “private cloud related” column. Also, this was a case of “standing on the shoulders of giants” as I pointed out in the release notes here:

    We’re continuing to add companies to it and I’m also working on a fifth version which will likely be released mid 2010.

    Additional comments, thoughts, suggestions?

Continuing the Discussion

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