Category: Identity

Having led the global leader in identity and access management (IAM) for end-customer use-cases, I’ve come to love how digital identity technologies sit at the intersection of digital transformation (allowing for simple/easy access to your digital world), marketing automation (providing an enriched view of “you”, security (protecting you from losing your identity across all digital properties), and data infrastructure (the system’s of record which not only need to be secured, but made compliant behind a wave of privacy and data regulations).

I’ve been immersed with creating seamless and secure experiences for millions of end-user customers (B2C), versus the hundreds of thousands for B2B, or thousands with B2E. But with connected thing identities coming onto the scene (B2T), I think we’re only at the tip of the iceberg with predictions of the global identity access management system market at 16% CAGR, reaching a valuation of USD 24 billion by 2022.