Eyespot Introduces First Online Video Editing and Remixing Community

Consumers Can Easily Upload, Edit, Mix Together and Share Video From Cell Phones, Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Eyespot Corp. today announced the availability of the beta version of the world’s first online video editing and remixing community, where consumers can easily upload, edit, mix together and share video clips, audio files or photos in one place online. Eyespot provides users with a simple way to share any user-generated media taken from mobile phones, digital cameras or camcorders, and create custom videos for posting online, emailing to friends or incorporating into personal blogs — all without any software downloads. Eyespot is available today at www.eyespot.com.

Since the early days of camcorders and VHS tapes, consumers have taken hundreds of hours of personal videos, yet struggled with ways to easily edit and share their media with friends and family. Today, digital video is exploding in usage, with mobile video the second most preferred feature on cell phones (behind voice communication). When combined with more than 3 billion consumers expected to become mobile subscribers by 2010 (Portio Research) this equates to a very large population of video creators. This growing trend in user-generated content requires an easy way to upload video that can be shared and enjoyed by anyone on the Web, and eyespot provides the only free video editing, publishing, and remixing service for consumers online.

“Until eyespot, the concept of shooting a video, editing it, mixing in music, and sending it to a friend’s mobile phone in less than five minutes seemed impossible,” said Jim Kaskade, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of eyespot. “With eyespot, we wanted to create a video editing and remixing environment that was drop-dead simple so there would be zero barriers to entry. The eyespot community has literally changed the rules of video editing and sharing.”

Shoot, Mix and Share

According to an eyespot nationwide survey, consumers cited difficulty-of-use as the number one reason for not using video editing software. In contrast, eyespot is so simple that anyone with a broadband Internet connection can begin editing, mixing and sharing video within minutes. With video on the home camcorder, and new videos captured everyday on the cell phone or digital camera, consumers now can free their video from the confines of their devices creatively and quickly.

The free service lets users select video clips in virtually any format from their personal computers or mobile phones and upload to their free eyespot account. Users then can personalize their video by adding music and photos, and create custom videos for sharing with others. The eyespot sharing feature allows user-generated video to be sent to mobile phones or published to Web sites and blogs with one click.

First Collaborative Video Mixing Community

Early users of eyespot have created a burgeoning mixing and remixing community. Eyespot enables collaboration on video mixes, where consumers can combine video clips, music and photos from their own collections with others in the community. Video mixes are posted to public groups and blogs on the eyespot Web site, where other members collect and use them to create remixes and derivative productions. The service also enables tagging of video clips with descriptive labels, which allows other members to easily find footage for inclusion with their own video using the eyespot search engine.

Eyespot is extremely flexible for a range of media and computing environments. The open system supports popular files such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, DivX, WMV MP3, JPG and GIF and works with Internet Explorer and Firefox on both the PC and Mac.

Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade is a serial entrepreneur & enterprise software executive of over 36 years. He is the CEO of Conversica, a leader in Augmented Workforce solutions that help clients attract, acquire, and grow end-customers. He most recently successfully exited a PE-backed SaaS company, Janrain, in the digital identity security space. Prior to identity, he led a digital application business of over 7,000 people ($1B). Prior to that he led a big data & analytics business of over 1,000 ($250M). He was the CEO of a Big Data Cloud company ($50M); was an EIR at PARC (the Bell Labs of Silicon Valley) which resulted in a spinout of an AML AI company; led two separate private cloud software startups; founded of one of the most advanced digital video SaaS companies delivering online and wireless solutions to over 10,000 enterprises; and was involved with three semiconductor startups (two of which he founded, one of which he sold). He started his career engineering massively parallel processing datacenter applications. Jim has an Electrical and Computer Science Engineering degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, with an emphasis in semiconductor design and computer science; and an MBA from the University of San Diego with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance.

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