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INCEP™ Announces Strategic Alliance with Tyco Electronics for PowerDirect™ Connector Technologies

Key step for industry-wide introduction and supply of the PowerDirect technology – the solution to the power delivery challenges of high performance processors

INCEP Technologies, Inc. today announces intentions to enter into a strategic alliance with Tyco Electronics Corporation for the design, manufacture, and marketing of products based on INCEP’s proprietary PowerDirect™  for power interconnect. Part of this alliance includes rights to key PowerDirect technologies. This relationship with Tyco Electronics, an industry leader in electrical/electronic connector products, will make available PowerDirect products for high volume computer and communication applications.

“Tyco’s proven ability in product execution combined with INCEP’s breakthrough power interconnect technology defines a successful relationship here”, stated Greg Sites, Director of Product Management for Tyco Electronics. “Power applications have been pushing the limit on power delivery”, said Jim Dietz, Chief Operating Officer of INCEP Technologies; “this new alliance will provide the path to meeting the already growing demand for this high performance technology”, he continued.

The PowerDirect connector is an innovative power interconnect optimized for delivery of high current levels and high slew rates for low voltage applications. PowerDirect meets the demands of today’s high performance microprocessors and other complex microelectronic devices and assemblies. PowerDirect products are available to support printed circuit board connection either to a printed circuit board or to a flex circuit. PowerDirect products should be available by the third quarter of 2002.

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