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INCEP® Technologies Announces Manufacturing Relationship for Production of its Z-axis Voltage Regulation Modules

INCEP is creating a supply chain infrastructure to source in high volume

INCEP Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Celestica, a world leader in electronics manufacturing services (EMS). INCEP will leverage Celestica’s operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas to provide its OEM customers with industry-leading quality, technology and supply chain management – enabling faster time-to-market, scalability and manufacturing efficiency.

INCEP is working with Celestica to help manufacture its new microprocessor power delivery modules, which combine the microprocessor die and its chip-carrier substrates with the microprocessor’s power conditioning circuitry. This assembly is referred to as the ZVRM™ Assembly for computing applications.

The INCEP ZVRM DC/DC converter requires only a single heat dissipating device and retention solution for the co-packaged microprocessor and power supply. INCEP has developed a patented approach of applying power to the surface of a microprocessor package, which supports traditional pin grid array as well as land grid array configurations. The solution also requires a high-performance power connector coupled with the high-density DC/DC converter, which combine to deliver the necessary device power.

“In order to meet the demands of high-volume and high-reliability in the desktop and server markets, we felt that it was pivotal to partner with a well-established EMS provider”, said Jim Hjerpe Kaskade, CEO and President of INCEP Technologies. “Our relationship with Celestica provides us an efficient instant supply capability that our customers trust.”

“Celestica is pleased to be working with INCEP Technologies in its development of new microprocessor power delivery systems.” said Peter Lindgren, senior vice president, Celestica. “As a leader in the delivery of EMS and global supply chain management, Celestica brings technology innovation and low cost manufacturing to customers, enabling them to be price competitive in their marketplace.”

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