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INCEP Introduces PowerDirect™ for High-Performance Semiconductors

PowerDirect™ provides a new distribution architecture with an advanced power interconnect

INCEP Technologies today announced the introduction of PowerDirect™, an innovative, low cost coaxial power interconnect for delivering high-currents as close to the integrated circuit as possible. This new power distribution architecture provides an extremely low inductance and resistance path from the power source to its destination. The PowerDirect’s current carrying capacity is 50 Amps, providing supporting transients (slew rates) as high as 400 Amps/us with a minimal required board area of only 0.11 in2.

PowerDirect™ technology combines a high-performance coaxial interconnect with an optimal printed-circuit board layout pattern, to provide a cost-effective solution for power delivery directly to high-performance semiconductor devices. The benefits associated with the PowerDirect™ include very low PCB surface and interplane area and improved PCB routability. Depending on the application, several PowerDirect™ components can be used to deliver electrical power from one substrate to another (intra-chip, chip-to-board, or board-to-board) resulting in the highest current per area compared to other traditional power delivery architectures.

There are several interconnect methods for the PowerDirect™ including plated-through-hole (PTH), screw, and surface mount technology (SMT). The various interfaces for the PowerDirect™ Coaxial Interconnect offer several assembly options and performance for PCB and chip designs.

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