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Molex Incorporated Acquires INCEP® Technologies

Acquisition of INCEP emphasizes Molex’s continued commitment to building its leadership in power delivery solutions

Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ:MOLX and MOLXA)), a global electronic components company, today announced that it has acquired INCEP Technologies, Inc, a San Diego based company. Founded in 1998, INCEP Technologies provides system-level approaches to power delivery, high-density packaging, and thermal management solutions. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Molex and INCEP have been in a joint development partnership for the past two years. The two companies have been focusing on developing advanced power delivery solutions for high-performance semiconductors such as microprocessors and communication ASICs.

According to Joe King, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Molex, INCEP is a strategic acquisition that will boost Molex’s share of the market for both power delivery interconnect solutions and also enable it to enter into new system-level markets, leveraging its already well-established leadership in connector, thermal, and manufacturing technologies.

“There is a large opportunity to service the market’s growing need for complete power delivery solutions – from the source to the destination”, King said. “Major semiconductor manufacturers demand strong, established suppliers who can provide a total solution for their customers. This acquisition gives us an excellent opportunity to strengthen our growing position in power delivery”.

INCEP has established a new standard in device power delivery architecture, which combines the semiconductor device and its substrates with the associated power conditioning circuitry. INCEP’s patented technology delivers power to the surface of the device substrate from a voltage regulator mounted over the device through a high efficiency interconnection system. The INCEP solution also enables the use of only a single heat dissipating device and retention solution for the co-packaged device and power supply.

The power and signal segmentation approach of the INCEP solution reduces device package I/O densities, improves the most demanding transient power performance, frees up critical system board space, and offers cost savings opportunities to both device vendors and system OEMs. Microelectronic device applications include both microprocessors and communication/networking ASICs.

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