WestSideLax.com Adds Video to Lacrosse Website With Eyespot Video Platform

Community Members Can Upload and Share Lacrosse Content Using Eyespot’s Video Hosting, Publishing and Editing Applications

WestSideLax.com (www.WestSideLax.com) has fast become the leading online destination for all things lacrosse in the western United States. The Website features news, commentary, and discussion of the sport from high school through professional levels, and has now added video capabilities that make it easy for community members to upload and share content. With the Eyespot Video Platform (www.eyespotnetwork.com), WestSideLax.com members can post and view game footage, edit recruiting reels, and be seen and heard by other players, coaches and fans.

WestSideLax.com joins the growing roster of publishers using Eyespot’s new solution for small- and mid-sized Websites. Known for its work with customers like Lucasfilm, Ltd., SonyBMG Entertainment and Fox Interactive Media, Eyespot helps Websites of all sizes use video to build active, engaged, invested communities.

“We’re hoping this service can help the members of our community, who have traditionally been underserved in the media, gain the exposure that they merit,” said Nathan Max, Founder and President of West Side Lax. “One of the best-kept secrets on the East Coast is that the sport of lacrosse is thriving west of the Mississippi River. By adding video, a national audience will see the types of things they have been reading about on West Side Lax for the last three years.”

Eyespot’s Video Personalization Suite can be up and running on any site in a matter of hours through a simple self-provisioning process, and includes:

--  Video hosting, video streaming, video moderation, and video editing
    tools, delivered in a software-as-a-service model
--  Applications that let consumers upload videos and view and share
    content online and via mobile, all from a publisher's own Website
--  The ability to manage, combine, and distribute both professional and
    user-generated content
--  A library of more than 1,000,000 rights-cleared videos, music and
--  In-stream video advertising from leading networks including Google
    AdSense for Video, Tremor Media, Adap.tv, YouMe, and others
--  The option to leverage the Eyespot network for content syndication for
    added reach and visibility
--  Free (ad-supported) or low-cost monthly subscription offerings

“West Side Lax, along with a growing number of Website publishers, understands that video will significantly activate its already passionate community,” said Jim Kaskade, President and CEO of Eyespot. “Rather than using hosting services like YouTube, Website publishers are now keeping their members engaged, on their own pages. Sending users to a separate site for video erodes impressions, diverts a Website’s most lucrative revenue stream, and gives control of a site’s most valuable asset to what amounts to a competitor. The idea that a Website needs to be of a certain size to even begin considering an alternative to YouTube-hosted video is a myth. Eyespot puts video to work for any-sized site, while site owners and their communities maintain complete control. It’s now about ‘Your Tube’.”
About WestSideLax.com

WestSideLax.com’s mission is to revolutionize the way lacrosse gets covered West of the Mississippi River. It provides news articles, commentary, features, rankings and other content related to lacrosse at every level, covering the geographic area from the Pacific to the Mississippi, including Alaska and Hawaii. Launched in 2005, the site experienced 150% year-over-year growth from 2006 to 2007, and it continues to grow as lacrosse gains traction across the Western United States.

About Eyespot

Eyespot is a video platform that includes Web-based and mobile applications and media libraries for Website publishers of all sizes that consumers use to personalize and virally distribute ad-supported video content. The Eyespot Video Personalization Suite features drag-and-drop video editing tools, mobile and broadband distribution capabilities, access to a library of over 1,000,000 rights-cleared videos, photos, and music, and instant monetization across an exchange of best-in-class rich media ad-networks. Eyespot is a trusted partner to more than 4,000 leading publishers in the music, film, broadcast TV, sports, and social networking sectors. For more information, visit www.eyespotnetwork.com.

Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade is a serial entrepreneur & enterprise software executive of over 36 years. He is the CEO of Conversica, a leader in Augmented Workforce solutions that help clients attract, acquire, and grow end-customers. He most recently successfully exited a PE-backed SaaS company, Janrain, in the digital identity security space. Prior to identity, he led a digital application business of over 7,000 people ($1B). Prior to that he led a big data & analytics business of over 1,000 ($250M). He was the CEO of a Big Data Cloud company ($50M); was an EIR at PARC (the Bell Labs of Silicon Valley) which resulted in a spinout of an AML AI company; led two separate private cloud software startups; founded of one of the most advanced digital video SaaS companies delivering online and wireless solutions to over 10,000 enterprises; and was involved with three semiconductor startups (two of which he founded, one of which he sold). He started his career engineering massively parallel processing datacenter applications. Jim has an Electrical and Computer Science Engineering degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, with an emphasis in semiconductor design and computer science; and an MBA from the University of San Diego with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance.

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