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Spreading Dance with Mashups

Check this out:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted articles and podcasts that cover a range of approaches to creating interactive dance performances. There are telematic performances that unite multiple sites via high-speed Internet connections, There are mediated dance programs where dancers are outfitted with sensors and other devices, which control video, audio and images in real-time. And there are many technologies from wearable computers, motion capture and motion tracking that provide choreographers and dancers with many ways to explore their creative impulses.

But one area that I haven’t touched upon is how end users – dance fans and enthusiasts – can play a role in creating or manipulating their own digital-based dance performances.

Before I explain what I mean I have to give some background about a hot trend called mashups. Mashups are a type of digital mixing of sounds, videos and pictures that just about anybody can create with relatively easy-to-use software.

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