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OK…Private Cloud is Mainstream (Private IaaS is commodity)

Over my Sunday morning coffee at Starbucks, I was in the middle of accepting a Linkedin connection request (disclosure…I invested in Linkedin…it’s like “crack” for me in my everyday biz…and not doing too bad at $7B+ market cap)…and THERE IT WAS. Yeap, the sign that the Private IaaS market has hit mainstream (or commodity depending on how you look at it).

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 11.39.58 AMThere is was, an add to “Build your cloud for free” by Onapp, a cloud hosting software platform (aka private cloud stack) spun off from the technology behind VPS.NET, a CSP (Cloud Hosting Provider)…which is a whole other discussion.

Many offerings from vendors like OpenStack,, Enomoly, EucalyptusSurgient, Abiquo, VCloud Director, etc. have been paving the way for private cloud software automation for over two years now.

Eucalyptus (originating from my old UCSB  alma mater) is claiming over 25,000 private cloud installations (with over 200,000 open source downloads). Marten Mickos, CEO, seems to be doing it….from his experience at MySQL for over seven years. The “MYSQL of Private Cloud” has been born.

Back to OnApp…


With a framework much like the others, OnApp provides a stack which allows you to build a virtual compute, storage, and network environment which scales much like public IaaS offerings (like Amazon Web Service)….on-demand infrastructure within your own datacenter.

Is there room for another cloud stack? I realize that OnApp has operational experience from powering VPS.NET….so why not!!! In a market where the peak of hype is past, companies actually see the benefit, and money is being spent….bring it on!

Next phase….consolidation ;-)

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