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Public Clouds Can Deliver 99.999% Availability SLAs

three_ninesYou heard it here first. Yes, you can achieve five nines of availability in public cloud.

I was reviewing the Yankee Group’s controversial report, “Cloud 99.99: The Small Print Exposed” about Cloud vendors offering “enterprises poor service guarantees and limited financial redress if their service fails.” Thomas Wailgum details some of the study here if you’re not a Yankee client.

My response to this is, “Come on guys. You obviously haven’t run a hosted business!” It comes down to the economics. I will argue that you CAN get 99.999, that’s five nines, of availability in the public Cloud, if you are willing to pay for it! And it will still be an order of magnitude cheaper than doing it yourself with your own redundant data centers, server hardware, software, and staff. In my next post, I’m going to detail out the cost of data center vs. the Amazon Cloud with a 5 Nine SLA. Don’t believe me, just wait.

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