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Big Data Means Leveraging All Customer Channels

Enhancing the multichannel consumer experience should be the focus of all retailers (especially brick and mortar retailers).

Enhancing the multichannel experience for consumers will equate to a powerful driver of sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Retailers can use big data to integrate promotions and pricing data from shoppers seamlessly, whether those consumers are online, in-store, or perusing a catalog.

Williams-Sonoma, for example, has integrated customer databases with information on some 60 million households, tracking such things as their income, housing values, and number of children. Targeted e-mails based on this information obtain ten to 18 times the response rate of e-mails that are not targeted (lifting conversion rates by as much as 30%), and the company is able to create different versions of its catalogs attuned to the behavior and preferences of different groups of customers.

“Targeting customers with perfectly customized recommendations at the right moment across the right channel is sales and marketing’s holy grail.”

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