Cyworld USA Launches Ultimate Community Mash-Up Tool for Online Video Fanatics

New Cyworld Video Studio and Plaza Addresses Member Request for ‘Participation Media’ Interactive Features

Cyworld USA, a leading social networking platform, today launched new features to enhance its impressive platform of interactive services — setting it apart from other social networks available for young consumers. The addition of the Cyworld Video Studio and Plaza, a forum for members to upload, edit, mix and share videos or photos, exemplifies Cyworld’s continued efforts to pioneer ways for its members to capture and share their lives with friends and family. Based upon the highly successful video launch of sister site Cyworld Korea, developers in the US worked with San Diego based Eyespot, developer of next generation media mixing playgrounds, to incorporate online editing features in response to a demand from Cyworld members for interactive tools that allow them to personalize their content sharing.

“We’re all about providing our community a platform that allows them to express their real world,” said Michael Streefland, Cyworld USA Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “This generation in particular has a strong need to be heard, share their ideas, and reinterpret existing conventions. Everything we develop needs to take it up a notch with ‘let-me-participate-too’ online features that incorporate their own ideas, creativity, and desire to connect with others through personalized self-expression.”

The Cyworld Video Studio is one of the most complete content-editing services available on a social networking platform. Eyespot collaborated with Cyworld USA to customize the interactive tool with powerful features that allow members the ability to mix video, photos, and music — complete with slow motion, cross-fades, color enhancements, and special effects — all without ever leaving the Cyworld USA online environment.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the most innovative social networking site for youth,” said David Dudas, CTO of Eyespot. “Our video mixing platform is a perfect complement to the creative community that lives on Cyworld.”

Adding to the interactivity is Cyworld Plaza, a twist on standard video sharing areas seen on other social networking sites. Moving away from random submissions, Cyworld content categories are themed, and encourage members to share their stories, create original productions, and highlight the real world of high school and college. These eight category “channels” include Cyworld produced videos that are hosted by members of the community and showcase topics that are relevant to this generation.

  • Frenemies — You love them, compete with them, and are Best Friends Forever. Let’s cut through the lunchroom politics and reveal the truth!
  • Aftermath Cafe — Prom, Blind Dates, Spring Break, SAT, School Plays … enough of the glossy tales, let’s talk about what really happened the day after.
  • A/V Club — We’re geeks and we love it. From Anime Conventions and Lord of the Rings to Glue Guns and Student Films … Artists of the World unite!
  • Travel Diaries — Enough of the sunset photos. What really happened on your last trip across town or across the world?
  • McJobs — Deep fryers, animal costumes, zinc oxide, and drive-thru’s. What’s minimum wage life really like?
  • Global Citizen — Whether you grab a camera or grab a broom, we can all make a difference. Let’s show the world how we’re going to change everything!
  • &Current Obsessions — Boys, shoes, or ramen noodles… what are you fascinated with right now?
  • Whatever — Doesn’t Fit? Fit it here!

To celebrate the opening of the Cyworld Video Studio and Plaza, the popular social networking site put out a call-to-action to its membership with a spring makeover challenge, online film festival, and showcase documentaries of the latest recipients of the Cyworld Community Grant Challenge.

The Cyworld Video Studio and Plaza can be viewed at or members can access the Cyworld Plaza club, called The Scene, at

About Cyworld

Cyworld is the premier online social networking platform for enhancing existing relationships with friends and family. Cyworld’s innovative look, charm and engaging communication tools appeal to a youth culture looking for an authentic, safe destination for interaction and creative expression. Originally launched in 1999 in South Korea to great success, Cyworld is a world leader with recent launches in China, Japan and Taiwan and the U.S. Cyworld is owned by SK Communications, a subsidiary of SK Telecom which is the number one provider of mobile telecommunications in Asia.

About Eyespot

Eyespot changed the landscape of online digital media when it offered the world’s first suite of online video editing and remixing community applications, where consumers can easily upload, edit, mix together and share video clips, audio files or photos in one place online. The company was founded in 2005 by Jim Kaskade and David Dudas, technology and digital media industry veterans and is based in San Diego, Calif. The Company has been quietly developing a new video SaaS for online distribution, syndication, and monetization. It’s direct-to-consumer website,, and associated interactive applications are now offered for others to deploy on their own websites.

Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade is a serial entrepreneur & enterprise software executive of over 36 years. He is the CEO of Conversica, a leader in Augmented Workforce solutions that help clients attract, acquire, and grow end-customers. He most recently successfully exited a PE-backed SaaS company, Janrain, in the digital identity security space. Prior to identity, he led a digital application business of over 7,000 people ($1B). Prior to that he led a big data & analytics business of over 1,000 ($250M). He was the CEO of a Big Data Cloud company ($50M); was an EIR at PARC (the Bell Labs of Silicon Valley) which resulted in a spinout of an AML AI company; led two separate private cloud software startups; founded of one of the most advanced digital video SaaS companies delivering online and wireless solutions to over 10,000 enterprises; and was involved with three semiconductor startups (two of which he founded, one of which he sold). He started his career engineering massively parallel processing datacenter applications. Jim has an Electrical and Computer Science Engineering degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, with an emphasis in semiconductor design and computer science; and an MBA from the University of San Diego with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance.