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INCEP Technologies – San Diego’s Newest Venture Capital Funded Start-up

INCEP Technologies, a new venture capital backed company focused on addressing significant issues associated with high-performance semiconductor devices, was launched in late 1999. INCEP designs, develops, licenses, and markets proprietary technology referred to as INter-Circuit Encapsulated Packaging (INCEP™). INCEP applies innovative circuit packaging, device interconnection, and assembly processes resulting in chip and circuit board level packaging to enable the power of silicon.

INCEP has patents pending on technologies addressing issues in the areas of thermal dissipation (ThermaCEP™ ), power distribution (PowerCEP™), and electromagnetic interference (EMCEP™ ). Combining these technologies in an integrated approach allows electronic designers to relax design constraints in thermal, power, and EMI, while providing associated benefits including improved signal integrity, increased interconnect densities, reduced levels of circuit board real estate, improved manufacturability, and improved product reliability.

INCEP’s management team includes: Gary G. Godwin, President; James J. Hjerpe, Vice President of Marketing and Sales; Douglas E. Hundley, Vice President of Engineering; J. (Ted) DiBene II, Chief Technical Officer; and David H. Hartke, Senior Staff Scientist.

Board Directors and Technical Advisors for INCEP include Jack E. Shemer, co-founder and Chairman; Arthur J. Collmeyer, investor and INCEP Board member; Robert V. Adams, investor and INCEP Board member; Keith Muller, Chief Technology Officer for Massively Parallel Processing Systems at NCR Corporation and a member of INCEP’s advisory council; and James L. Drewniak, Faculty in Electronic Engineering at University Missouri-Rolla and a member of INCEP’s Technical Advisory Council.

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